Friday, March 04, 2016

did Ted Cruz just have his "Dean Scream" moment?

If this happened to me on national TV, I'm almost certain it'd signal the crash-and-burn end of my political career:

I'm sure that Mr. Cruz himself will say that the bit of schmutz on his lip was just a tiny, runaway ort of food, maybe corn or some such—pay it no mind. People on Twitter, excitable as they are, are calling it a "booger." I suspect, given its size, shape, and color, that it was a tonsillolith, which would have made for some highly unpleasant eating.

NB: I don't know when the above footage was taken, so I really can't say whether this was, in truth, a "Dean Scream" moment. If it happened years ago, the resurfacing of this image reeks of suspicious timing. If it happened during a recent GOP debate... d'oh.

ADDENDUM: fellow Twitter denizen Barry White confirms the "booger" is from last night's GOP debate. Barry even provides an interesting link.



SJHoneywell said...

Last I saw, there were at least nine different Twitter accounts for Ted Cruz's lip schmutz that were created during the debate.

Kevin Kim said...

And how awesome is that?

Charles said...

This is like a horrific car accident that you just can't tear your eyes away from.

Must... stop... watching!