Saturday, March 19, 2016

BBQ day!

My buddy Tom texted me, "BBQ day—Yay!" this morning. A group of us will be going out to McPherson's BBQ Pub this evening to partake of Joe McPherson's Alabama-style barbecue. I've just been paid, so I'm feeling kind of spendy, and I plan on buying the Taste of Alabama platter. The platter comes in Regular, Large, and Oh My Fucking God sizes; I'll be going for the Large, and I probably won't be sharing except in the most grudging way.

Expect plenty of foodblogging either tonight or tomorrow. If I can, I hope to finagle my way into Joe's kitchen so I can see the action happening. Not sure if I can do that: Joe's been touchy about people asking him for perks. Normally, this touchiness is reserved for resto reviewers who visit the restaurant and demand free food, but asking to see the kitchen can be burdensome as well, especially if I end up getting in the way of the BBQ-making process.

Kitchen or no, there'll be plenty of images and insights to share after our meal, so stay tuned, and prepare yourselves for a torrent of deliciousness. I'm eating nothing until dinner.


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