Sunday, March 13, 2016


After weeks and weeks of laziness and procrastination, I finally put together my new, el-cheapo TV stand, which is little more than a slap-together wooden set of shelves. Assembly was Ikea-level easy, thank goodness, and the shelving is sturdy enough to hold a somewhat heavy 42-inch HDTV. I finally counted the number of HDMI ports on my entertainment appliance and discovered with joy that there were four such ports, which is wonderful news: I can attach my region-free DVD/Blu-ray player (thanks, John), a video-game console (most likely an X-box that will let me play Halo), and a Roku (should I decide to get one). The console and Roku are purchases I'll make much later, once I'm further in the black with my budget, which won't be until after August—around October or so—as I have to pay off my second major debt by the end of the summer.

Anyway, as Jesus said, It is accomplished. I now have a decent, respectable TV stand. I have no plans to hook my TV up to the wall cable; most broadcast TV is garbage, be it American or Korean. Instead I'll be relying, for the next little while, entirely on a soon-to-be-growing library of DVDs and Blu-rays, and Lig will probably bring some of her cherished horror videos over for scary-movie parties.



Bratfink said...

Does she have 'The Host'?

Kevin Kim said...

Most likely. The Korean title is simply "Monster" ("Gwae-mul").