Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Adios, Marco

Down in flames he goes. I never had much hope for Marco Rubio, anyway, and I'm pretty sure he's going to get his ass stomped on Super Tuesday II—quite possibly even in his home state of Florida. Rubio has run a bland, feckless, often tone-deaf campaign; he tossed aside an immigration-related promise some time ago, angering his faithful, and the delegate math simply isn't breaking in his favor. This NYT article may as well be Rubio's epitaph.

Perhaps this just isn't his time. Rubio is younger than I am, after all; he has many years ahead of him. He'll live to fight another day, once the current crowd of septuagenarian assholes has left the stage to go drool in a corner somewhere.

I fully expect Rubio (and Kasich) to drop out after Super Tuesday II. If Trump ends up the nominee, I don't expect Rubio to support him. Rubio might support Ted Cruz, though, if Cruz somehow clinches the nomination. We'll see. Always in motion is the future.



  1. Yep, looks like my horse is going down. Actually, he's been down for a while. He's just been waiting for someone to take him out behind a shed and end his misery.

    I saw an interview where a reporter asked Rubio if he would support Trump as the Republican nominee. It was a bit startling to see such genuine, naked despair on a politician's face. For a moment there I almost thought he was human.

  2. And to add insult to injury, a motherfucking Trump supporter heckled Rubio during his concession speech. There is just no excuse for these dimwits.

  3. Rubio is lucky the Trumpster didn't sucker punch him.



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