Wednesday, March 23, 2016

how to waste time at work

Have a stupid text conversation in English, but write the words in hangeul! Here's an exchange that my friend Tom and I had just a few minutes ago:

For those needing a phonetic transcription (because it's already in English, which means it's not an actual translation)—

[Kevin in yellow; Tom in white]

First hangeul quote from me: "Good. Very good. See you Friday. Bring your KY jelly because we will have big orgy!"

Tom's hangeul reply: "KY is already packed, like your fudge will be once the lights go out, you scut!"

I then express confusion about what a "scut" is.

Tom's hangeul reply (2 texts): "Srut." (i.e., slut, but he forgot to double the "l" in Korean, so it ended up sounding like an "r.") "Fucking auto-correct!"

My hangeul reply: "We take Auto-correct out behind the shed and fuck its asshole bloody."

You don't see it in the above image, but Tom texted back, "Deal!", so I sent him a thumbs-up icon.


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