Sunday, June 26, 2016

at the office

I'm trying to get caught up on some work, so I'm at the office on a Sunday. Yay, me. Around 3PM, I'll take a cab over to the Olympic Park so I can meet up with my buddy Charles, his wife Hyunjin, and correspondent Hahna K., whom I've known as an e-friend via email and blog comments for years. Hahna's the one who bought my best-ever Dalma-do (brush-art painting of Zen saint Bodhidharma); you can see a miniature version of that painting on my blog's right-hand sidebar. She's also helped me out with small loans over the years, for which I've been very thankful. Anyway, I'll get to meet her, her husband, and their two kids today. We'll stroll around the park, then hit dinner somewhere. My ajumma says there's a place inside the park where people can get galbi, naengmyeon, and all sorts of other delightful foods. So that may be where we're heading. Very likely, I'll just walk back home from the park, which is only a few miles away (4.2 miles, to be exact) from where I live.


hahnak said...

thanks for meeting us and humoring us and playing nice with the kids, esp w max. i was very happy to finally meet you and charles and hj!

Kevin Kim said...

It was a treat to meet you guys, too, Hahna! Safe travels as you head back home. Hugs to the kiddies.