Saturday, June 11, 2016

KMA: a first

I had five students for my KMA class in Yeouido—slightly more than the usual number. And get this: (1) they were all women; (2) they all arrived on time for the 10AM start; (3) they all stayed until 6PM, our mandated ending time, without begging off early. Amazing. The class was about online research, and it basically involved doing research project after research project—a somewhat grueling approach, but the best way to get the students to think about how to gather, interpret, and use information creatively. One student commented, at the end of the class, that "time flew by," which I took as a compliment.

I then treated myself to a Yeouido-ish dinner at a Thai/Vietnamese resto across the street from the KMA building. The food was very well made, but for the price, there wasn't much of it, which was too bad. A shame: the pad thai wasn't bad at all.

The student who told me that time had flown by also noted, while we were riding down the elevator together at the end of the day, that this class had almost been cancelled: she had registered along with one other person; that person backed out, which prompted the KMA office to tell my student there was a chance of cancellation; then, at the last moment, four women working in tourism suddenly registered for the course. You just never know how many people will register, and in many cases, people are fickle.

As I wrote earlier, I've already suffered through several cancellations this year, which is par for the course. I've got KMA classes scheduled for July, August, and September, but at a guess, at least two of those will end up being cancelled, which will be nearly a million-won loss for me. To compensate for this, I need to either get a raise at my main day job or find some other way of earning some side income. I'd rather not go back to private tutoring to do this, but you never know. If the money gets tight, don't be surprised if I find myself on the street wearing a sandwich board offering cheap blowjobs.



Charles said...

Dude, there's no need to walk the streets offering cheap blowjobs. If you work on the marketing, you could probably charge premium prices.

Kevin Kim said...


1. The "Euijeongbu": W5,000
2. The "Garak Shijang": W15,000
3. The "Jamshil": W25,000
4. The "Jongno": W40,000
5. The "Apgujeong": W70,000 (incl. snobby "I've sucked better" insults)
6. The "Cheongdam": W100,000 (incl. laser-monogrammed towels)

And for those men4men couples who wanna get blown at the same time:

7. The "Samcheong-dong": W175,000 (with free tea service after)

Charles said...

That's the ticket.

Bratfink said...

It's good to have goals.