Monday, June 13, 2016

Ave, Malcolm!

Malcolm Pollack and I might have our disagreements about who can/should use which public restrooms, but we're in full agreement about the horrific Orlando massacre, and about where the focus should be.

SIDE NOTE: I saw this comment on Instapundit, but found it inaccurate on at least one point: "Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem." Very untrue, according to one of my Sikh students back when I taught at YB: Sikhs have often been oppressed and persecuted by Hindus—in India, at least. Another reason for me to like Sikhs as much as I do.



Kevin Kim said...

Someone else left a comment, but I didn't publish it because that person didn't have the courage to leave a name or screen name. Per my comments policy, I only publish comments to which people have appended an identifier.

Take responsibility for what you say.

Malcolm Pollack said...

And was it Zionist neocons who caused the "blowback" in Iberia from the eighth century until the fifteenth? And the sieges of Vienna?

It's a fool's errand, and a self-destructive delusion, to pin Islam's antipathy toward every living infidel on any particular provocation. It is innate and perpetual -- or, as the saying goes, it's "baked right in". Since the earliest expansion of Islam, the ulama have called the yet-unsubjugated portions of the planet the "House of War". Nothing has changed. Nor will it.

Kevin, I admire the Sikhs myself. They are proud and intelligent and loyal and fierce, and do not seek to impose their beliefs on others.