Tuesday, June 28, 2016

tonight's walk (2)

Total steps walked: 32,921 + 1,651 = 34,572.

Calories burned: 2,534 + 120 = 2,654.

Miles walked: 15.72 + 0.76 = 16.48 miles * 1.15 = approx. 18.952 miles.

Weight: 120.7 kg. A new low.

Can I hit 117 kg by Saturday morning? Only the Shadow knows.


John Mac said...

Keep on rollin'!

Charles said...

Huh, and here I thought you were walking all those steps. Now I learn that you've been rolling down the path all along!

Kevin Kim said...


Yeah, I really should put scare quotes around "walk." My legs don't stick far enough outside the sphere of fat that surrounds my body for me to walk in any truly human sense.

Charles said...

I thought that was your aura.