Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Joe McPherson has relocated!

In a Twitter DM exchange with Joe McPherson, I discovered that the intrepid restaurateur has relocated to the Cheonggyecheon:

Cheonggyecheon. 99 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu

He is partnering with OK Burger, and my understanding is that his food is appearing on that restaurant's menu. Joe writes:

Yes, I'm permanently at OK Burger with Susumu Yonaguni as my partner. I'm incorporating my BBQ and dishes [into] what already exists. Actually, we killed everything but three of the original burgers, fried shrimp, and cheesesticks.

Joe just tweeted a picture of his famous smoked chicken, so I hope that that's also part of the menu (chicken sandwiches?). In any event, I'll be hunting down the new place and probably ordering a range of dishes. This is a new thing, of course: it'd be foolish to expect a direct re-instantiation of the previous McPherson's BBQ Pub. But, hey—as long as I can get a taste of Joe's Bama-style food, I'm there.



Charles said...

I see a field trip in the near future. Maybe next week, as this week sucks for me.

Kevin Kim said...

I'm doing a reconnoiter either Friday night or Saturday for lunch. Will report back. Maybe with photos.

Charles said...

Looking forward to it. I sure hope they do have that chicken....

Kevin Kim said...

They do, but according to Joe, it's no longer smoked and fried: it's smoked and broiled so that the skin gets crispy. He said that customer reviews, thus far, have been better than those for his previous smoked/fried chicken. I'm all about crispy skin, so that's fine, although I'm probably going to miss the smoked/fried chicken.

Charles said...

Hmm. Well, to be honest, I think that what made that chicken great was the smoking/slow-cooking. I don't know anyone who doesn't like fried chicken, but if I had to name my favorite chicken cooking method, it would probably be oven broiling. So color me intrigued.

(This is two comments in a row that I've had to do the visual recognition thing. Have I suddenly become spammy?)