Wednesday, June 22, 2016

on standby

I'm hearing rumblings about a possible teaching gig: 16 hours at W150,000 per hour. This would be spread over two calendar months: 6 hours in July, over two days, and 10 hours in August, also over two days. That would net me a gross of W2.4 million, which would make up for my slew of KMA cancellations over the past several months. My budget has been nearly as unsinkable as a battleship up to now, but it's not infinitely so. I could use a boost.

The gig might fall through, however: I'm still trying to verify that the pay is what I'm hoping it will be. If it is, then I'm in. If it's not, then it's not worth it: KMA says I have a solid schedule for the next couple of months. We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: the job's pay rate is decided according to your experience. There's a range of possible rates, as it turns out, varying from W400,000 per class to W500,000 per class. Disappointingly, we're to be paid the same amount for longer, 5-hour classes as we are for shorter, 3-hour classes. Even more disappointingly, this means I'd be paid a maximum of W2 million won, not W2.4 million. And since it's probable that the maximum rate won't be given to someone like me (I'm counting on Murphy's Law more than on anything specific), I can expect to be paid as little as W1.6 million for my trouble. My buddy Tom, whore that he is, told me he wouldn't care: "I'd kill to do that work even if they paid me only W80,000 per hour," he said. Well... W1.6 million for sixteen hours' work isn't a terrible takeaway. That's a rate of W100,000 per hour—about what you'd pay for a decent shrink in a big US city.

Anyway, I plan to say yes to the work.

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