Friday, January 20, 2017

Ave, Mike! (I'm now on!)

Thanks to my buddy Mike, I am now on, the purportedly freer-speech version of Twitter for people who are sick of watching righties getting shut down simply for voicing opinions that don't follow The Narrative. Instead of having to wait for Gab to crawl down the waiting list toward me (I was nearly Number One Million on that list), I received a personal invitation to Gab from Mike, so I've logged on and have created a new account and profile named, appropriately, @bighominid. Here's the link to my feed; I hope it's actually visible to non-Gab members. If Gab has a feed-widget that I can install on my blog, I'll slap that up soon. If not, then you'll have no choice but to click the link I've provided.

I'm still feeling my way around Gab's interface; there are similarities to Twitter, but there are also numerous differences, and it's obvious that, in several areas, Gab has a lot of catching-up to do before it's truly competitive with Twitter in terms of functionality and ease of use.

I don't expect Gab to drive traffic to my blog as much as Twitter did (although honestly, Twitter's influence on my blog traffic was minuscule), and I don't expect to "gab" quite as frequently as I tweeted. But Gab might prove useful if there are fellow Gabbers who might be interested in following my misadventures as I prep for what I hope will be a long walk across the southern half of the Korean peninsula. Those folks might be able to provide much-needed advice and/or encouragement—and who knows? I may end up meeting some of them.

I began my career on Gab with an appropriately un-PC post that praised Hitler, pined for the Caliphate, and saluted Cthulhu. Expect more arrant nonsense soon.

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