Sunday, January 29, 2017

office-style budae-jjigae

You're looking at 1600 calories: four hot dogs, 200 grams of spam, 120 grams of kimchi, and a package of Shin Ramyeon (noodles're under there, but not visible). This meal is the caloric equivalent of one MRE. Judged from an Atkins perspective, it's rather awful: way too carby, too much sodium, and the meat is all processed. But it is very tasty, and I've since found a way to remove most of the carbs: switch out the noodles for tofu and use a homemade blend of ramyeon seasoning. That drops the calories down to 1300.

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Maven said...

While your meal may be the caloric equivalent of a solitary MRE, trust me when I say, your meal is no doubt SIGNIFICANTLY LESS binding, and more delicious.