Thursday, January 26, 2017

Isaac Newton didn't have to deal with this

I've got a lot of apples, and I don't want them.

My company gives me two giant, expensive boxes of apples and Asian pears every lunar new year and every Chuseok. The lunar new year is coming up this weekend (Year of the COCK, baby!), so I got my apples a few days ago. At first, I got to work making various products out of those apples: I incorporated them into my choucroute alsacienne; I made pie filling; I made apple sauce. When another wave of apples and pears came my way, I ate some of them, but many of them ended up rotting.

This time around, I simply don't want them anymore, so I'm going to trundle them over to Seoul Station this coming Friday, and if my surmise is correct, there will be a huge congregation of homeless people, plus several crews of charity workers who will be providing free dinners to all those folks. I'll leave my fruits with the workers, who will know best how to distribute my measly two boxes among hundreds of people (cut each fruit into ten pieces? twenty?). I had thought about going Gandhi and distributing the apples and pears to the homeless myself, but then I realized the mood would sour the moment I ran out of goodies.

So that's one Friday errand. Another will be to grab some ground lamb from High Street Market: in a couple weekends, I'll be inviting the dudes over for a gyro fest.


Surprises Aplenty said...

First, good for you!
Second, I didn't know apples had such a short shelf life. Do you have that many or do the high-end ones go bad sooner?

Charles said...

I would say apple pie, but I don't know if those would be proper apples for making pie.

Kevin Kim said...


The apples don't go bad that quickly; the pears last even longer than the apples. But everything will go bad eventually, and there's just too much for me to eat.


These probably aren't the right apples for apple pie, but I'm not that discerning.