Saturday, January 28, 2017

Donald Trump and the PoMo ouroboros

I just saw what is quite possibly the best post I've ever read from Ed Driscoll, who guest-posts at Instapundit, a politiblog that used to be curated solely by Glenn Reynolds until he decided to make it into something like a team blog (with rotating team members) several years ago. Driscoll almost never manages to write typo-free posts, and he's constantly being raked over the coals by snotty commenters for his various and numerous gaffes. But in this case, he has put together a pair of blockquotes—one from David Ernst at the Federalist, and one from Victor Davis Hanson at—that will be worth your while to read. See Driscoll's Instapundit post here. Be there to read the articles (linked above) in their entirety.

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