Thursday, January 12, 2017

love knows no boundaries

I saw this the other day, and my friend Nathan saw the same thing and sent me a link:

Snow Monkey Attempts Sex with Deer in Rare Example of Interspecies Mating

I must say: the video of the mating was less than spectacular. In the vid, the monkey hops onto the deer's back and, completely missing the vagina, basically dry-humps the deer's spine. The whole tableau is weird, perverse, and a little sad for both the deer and the horny monkey. Ah, well... that's nature for you: weird, perverse, and a little sad.

Some animals go Platonic:

Some animals really don't give a fuck.


Unknown said...

That last picture shows that everyone (and everything) loves a little ass.

Kevin Kim said...

Ah, yes... you went there. I'd been pondering an "ass-fucking" pun myself.