Monday, January 09, 2017

what took so damn long?

The alien-encounter movie "Arrival," starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, came and went in the States a while back, but for some reason, it never arrived in South Korea, and I've been dying to see this film. Well, just today, I checked Naver Movie, the Korean movie-schedule site, and "Arrival" will finally be coming to Korea on Groundhog Day, February 2. It'll probably be out on video in the US by then. Grrr. I wonder why Korean cinemas dragged their feet. Is it because "Arrival" has been marketed as cerebral fare as opposed to the usual noisy, superficial, explosion-filled sci-fi crap? Profound films don't make that such money—not compared to the substance-poor blockbusters.

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