Thursday, April 12, 2018


Here's the latest "Basics with Babish" video, in which Andrew Rea discusses some of my favorite egg preparations: Scotch eggs, eggs Benedict, and shakshouka (also shakshuka and chakchouka... ah, romanization).

The shakshouka portion* is the least interesting because Rea is basically shilling for his sponsor, which is Blue Apron** for this video, but I thoroughly enjoyed his explanation of the prep for Scotch eggs and eggs Benedict.

*Many, many commenters to this video are noting that the dish Rea made is not real shakshouka, mainly because of the conspicuous absence of one essential ingredient: tomatoes. Other commenters are being negative about Rea's Ser Jorah Mormont impression and the bizarre pallor of his egg yolks.

**An old classmate of mine from Georgetown started up her own food service, eGourmet Solutions. I always envied Ariane, who was already multilingual when I met her: she spoke natively perfect French and English, and she was majoring in Mandarin while also studying Spanish. Big brain. And now she's a big boss. You go, grrrrrl!

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