Monday, April 30, 2018

the prom-dress kerfuffle

People will latch on to any little thing to complain about, and for the PC crowd, that means screaming about cultural appropriation. Over at Twitchy, folks are talking about a photo that appeared on Twitter: a young lady—presumably white, but that's not obvious to me—is shown in a Chinese-style dress that she wore for prom. Upon tweeting the image, she (or whoever originally uploaded the pic) was immediately beset by idiots blaring "THE WHITES ARE AT IT AGAIN" and one miffed, Chinese-seeming guy named Jeremy Lam who angrily wrote, "My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress." So says the Chinese guy with the Anglo name of "Jeremy" who dares to write in English instead of in "his own" language.

Mr. Lam: fuck you.

First, the young lady looks gorgeous in her dress. Where's the sin in looking gorgeous? Second, this whole cultural-appropriation thing is one big, hypocritical scam. (I've written obliquely about appropriation here; it's just a sociological fact of life, neither good nor bad.) As IowaHawk points out in yet another poorly punctuated tweet:

David Burge, a.k.a. IowaHawk, may be a horrible writer, but he's making a good point, here. This sort of virtue-signaling always works in only one direction, and it's never to the benefit of white Westerners who are, in the PC cosmology, the root of all evil.

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