Saturday, April 21, 2018

goin' on a rampage

I'll be seeing Dwayne Johnson's hilariously over-the-top action movie "Rampage," which is loosely based on the old arcade video game in which a bunch of giant animals basically spend all day smashing buildings. The moment I saw the trailer, I knew I'd have to see the movie, no matter how bad it might be. This is a throwback to my younger self, so a visit to the local cinema will feel more like a pilgrimage. Here's one of the preview trailers:

I admit I laughed out loud when the giant wolf (with flying-squirrel wings, no less) came bursting through that one building. And I laughed again when George the giant gorilla smashed a giant crocodile gator across the face with a hunk of metal.

This looks to be good, stupid fun. Expect a review.

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Charles said...

I've seen the trailers for this. I can't tell if it's going to be awesome or just incredibly bad.

I remember playing Rampage when I was younger. There was something almost transcendentally satisfying about knocking out that last floor and watching a building go crumbling to the ground.