Friday, April 06, 2018

rate my professors

Over at Instapundit, there's a post about sex discrimination in the way that college students evaluate their male and female professors. As you might guess, the linked and quoted article suggests that students consistently rate male profs higher than female profs on average. While the post and article are themselves interesting, reading them prompted me to think back on my college and grad-school experience.

What I remember is that, over the course of six years of college and grad school, I had only three female profs. The rest were all men. Of the men, only one or two stood out as truly excellent teachers; of the women, only one made the grade (Mme. O'Connor, one of my French profs). Based on my own experience, I'd say I was as likely to have an excellent female professor as a male one, but that's just one man's perspective.

How about you? Any memorable male or female profs?

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