Sunday, April 01, 2018

"never associate with leftists"

Dr. V writes:

The young especially need to be very careful about what they say and to whom they say it. The U. S. is becoming the S. U. To be on the safe side, never associate with leftists. (This is good advice even for leftists since they are famous for turning on their own for the 'sin' of not being sufficiently left.) Practice the political equivalent of divorce to the extent that it is possible. If you must associate with leftists, limit your contact with them and keep [your] mouth shut.

Nice knowing you, Charles, Steve Honeywell, Brian, Ruth, John Melvin, Rob Schulz, and other friends and acquaintances. So long, half of my readership. You're all obviously too irrational to talk with, so I must quit you now. Dialogue is impossible. Adios.


King Baeksu said...

"It’s not simply that I don’t want to get into it with a screaming SJW who wants to have it out with me at a cocktail party because I don’t share her view of some political issue."

Even worse, the SJWs are being exported around the world. Remember the Canuck who began to scream in a foul rage at me during a professors' meeting at Catholic University of Daegu, after I commented that a few of my students weren't quite up to snuff?

I happen to know people on the hiring committee of Korea University's ESL program, and some time later was asked about the very same individual as he was applying for a position there and it was known that I had worked alongside him.

I'll leave it to you to guess what I had to say about him, but one thing is certain: He didn't get the job.

Fortunately, Canada is also producing courageous dissenters like this lovely lady.

Charles said...

It's too late, Kevin. We already have all the dirt on you that we need. The jack-booted thugs are on their way to your place as I type this. To tell you the truth, I was hoping that we might be able to spare you, but I have been informed by the Comintern that no dialogue is possible and all dissent must be quashed.

I will miss our occasional food orgies.

Kevin Kim said...

Damn├Ęd! Je suis fait!