Thursday, September 26, 2019

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It's 1:55 a.m. on Thursday, September 26. I'm planning to leave my apartment on Friday morning—with my backpack—and go to the office and work a few hours. I'll leave a bit early (thanks to comp hours racked up this past weekend) and go straight out to Incheon Friday evening/night. It's a three-kilometer uphill hike from the Airport Rail Line's Geomam Station to the Techno Motel in Incheon; I'll bunk there for the night, then on Saturday morning (I hate that they're forecasting rain for Saturday, dammit), I'll leave the motel super early, walk downhill to the station, go one stop to Cheongna International City Station, walk two-ish kilometers to the Four Rivers Path official starting point, probably take a selfie to serve as a "before" pic, then begin the big walk in earnest.

Day 1 is going to be brutal: 35 kilometers, and I'm not planning to stay two nights at the hotel near the Gayang Bridge, so I'm heading out the very next day. Days 2, 3, and 4 will also be straight marches. Day 2, about 30 km, ends at my apartment (yes: it's actually a stop on the route); Day 3—which is a relatively short walk at 25 km—ends in Hanam City; Day 4 is another 35-kilometer trek to old, familiar Yangpyeong, and that's when I plan to stop for two nights—my first of only four such two-nighters. After that, it's a short hop from the Namhan (South Han) River to the Saejae Trail which, as I discovered last time, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's when I finally hit the Nakdong River Trail that I'll encounter a small set of nasty uphills. Not looking forward to those, but by then, I hope to have lost close to ten kilos, which will counter the weight of my backpack and make me lighter on my feet.

Anyway, I've got a big honkin' walk ahead of me, and I'm signing off from the Hairy Chasms for now. Follow my progress over at the walk blog, Kevin's Walk 3. And buy a tee shirt to show some solidarity! I just re-uploaded the improved design; there shouldn't be any more problems with the way the tees print out. (Fingers crossed.)

See you on the path!


John Mac said...

Good luck on your journey. And remember to have some fun along the way!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, and will do.

Anonymous said...

Addofio here
I keep trying to use the name/url option to comment on your walk, but either it’s not really an option or I’m doing something wrong. Decided to try here, mostly so I can maybe let you know I’v Been along on the walk and enjoyed it. If this works, maybe will make some more pertinent comments later
Nope, no go. Tried multiple times, multiple ways. If it’s me, I can’t figure it out. Doubt you’ll see this before deleting, but in case you do—i’M reluctant to ue my google account because I never use it and hence don’t know what will become public if r do

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks for writing "Addofio here," or I'd have deleted the comment per my "no anonymous comments" policy.

I'm sorry that commenting is proving so difficult for you. I think the most obvious solution is to use your Google account, but that's a matter of dealing with your own techno-paranoia, I guess. From my perspective, nothing becomes public from your Google account except whatever name/identifier you choose to use for your comments.

Kevin Kim said...

Most important: thanks for your readership.