Monday, April 10, 2017

props from the man

Charlie Martin, one of the big writers at PJ Media, responded to a comment I had made regarding his recent post on glioblastoma, in which he wrote about a girlfriend of his from long ago who had been diagnosed with GBM. In my comment, I had linked to my old walk blog, Kevin's Walk, which had become a blog about Mom's brain cancer. Specifically, I had linked to the "in a nutshell" post, which I'd written for the TL;DR crowd who couldn't be bothered to read the day-by-day blogging. Mr. Martin responded to my comment first by "liking" it, then by writing his own response:

And I just linked you in Hot Mic.

I followed the link and saw that Mr. Martin had quoted extensively from my blog entry—an honor for him to have done so. My thanks and very belated sympathies go out to him.

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