Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walk Thoughts #56: departure

Day 4, Leg 3 of the hike begins in about half an hour. In theory, the distance is about 16.8 miles to the guest house down the way. At a limping speed of 2.5 miles per hour, that's a 6.72-hour walk, breaks not included. I expect to reach my destination by about 1PM. Here's a last, loving look at the yeogwan where I spent two nights.


John said...

All this blogging is making me want to do the same thing as you kev. I was thinking of cycling over 12 days instead of going on foot. Only problem is I would have to take the kids and my wife can't ride. Small hurdles to overcome.

Kevin Kim said...

Go do that thang! And why would you have to take the kids and the wife? Surely, they can find something to do for 12 days!

Are you talking about cycling in Korea or in New Zealand? Taking 12 days to go from Seoul to Busan would mean covering about 75 km a day, which is a decent amount for someone as healthy as you. What are the bike routes like in your country?