Saturday, April 22, 2017

Walk Thoughts #40: here goes nothing

[NB: this is a scheduled post.]

This post ought to be appearing at 5:15AM. In theory, I'm out the door. My walk, today, is a bit over 17 miles, and at 2.8 miles per hour, that ought to take me between six and seven hours. I should be arriving at the Paldang Bridge in Hanam City around noon or 1PM. I'll hit a yeogwan (there are many surrounding the local city hall), settle in, and blog again when I'm nice and comfortable, after which it'll be a matter of doing absolutely nothing for around sixteen hours.

After today, I'll be aiming to wake up at 5AM, not 4AM, which seems more reasonable. I simply wanted to get an early start on the first day of this big project.

More soon!


Charles said...

Hooray! Looking forward to hearing how the first day goes!

John Mac said...

Best of luck to you Kevin! I'll be watching your progress. Have fun!

hahnak said...

wishing you lots of luck! safe travels!

John said...

Bon Voyage!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, everyone!