Friday, April 28, 2017

Walk Thoughts #99: final approach to certification center

More signs counting down the final meters to the certification center, which turned out to be located in a beautiful park devoted to martial arts. That seems to be one of two things that the city of Chungju (pronounce it "tchoong-joo") is known for. The other thing is sculling: you may have seen, along my previous photos, an image of an abstract sculpture (of course) celebrating a champion rowing team. In fact, I passed two groups of college-aged kids who were leaving a marina. They had the look of crew teams.

The park had plenty more abstract sculptures for you to enjoy, so I made sure to get pictures of a couple. One sculpture calls itself a tap (pagoda), which I found cheeky: the thing looks nothing like a pagoda.

I was disappointed in my stamping ability; you'll see why at the end of this photo batch.

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