Sunday, April 30, 2017

Walk Thoughts #123: certification center and beyond

I didn't realize this certification center existed until I saw it on Naver Map, barely a kilometer from my destination (Saejae Park Inn). After getting the stamp, it was simply a matter of walking into town. I was a bit late thanks to a break; I arrived in town around 1:30PM.

Two things to note about this set of pics: (1) I encountered yet another Nonghyeop Hanaro Mart, which is making me think that Nonghyeop, known mainly as a bank, is as ubiquitous as a silent mafia, metastasizing throughout Korean society, and (2) I took a pic of what seemed to be a deer carcass, but note the long, evil fang protruding from the deer's face. Is Korea breeding enhanced deer for the next Korean war?


Bratfink said...

Here's your deer:

Keep on keeping on!

Charles said...

Have you never seen a Hanaro Mart before? I guess they are more prevalent in the countryside than in Seoul proper, but they are indeed all over the place, and have been for as long as I can remember.

Kevin Kim said...

There's a Hanaro Mart in the building where I work. I go there all the time. My point was that Nonghyeop, in some form or other, is quietly everywhere. I really ought to set up a bank account with them.