Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walk Thoughts #62.5: weird numbering of my posts

Sorry if some of my posts are appearing seemingly out of order. This is the price I pay for trying to post while out in the boonies. Apparently, my phone and LTE service can handle only so much data (which shouldn't be that much, really), so there are times when the Blogger app on my phone gets caught in an eternal loop, especially when trying to publish a large batch of photos—say, 15 or more. In such cases, the app will get stuck on saying "Publishing... publishing... publishing..."—and nothing will happen. When post #99 gets stuck in a loop, but post #100 successfully appears, then you see #100 first, and you either won't see #99, ever, or #99 will appear after #100 once the post has processed through.

Again, sorry about that. Whenever I have access to a desktop (like now), I'll do my best to fix the problem as quickly as I can. (Or as Koreans say: "as possible as I can.")

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