Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Darth Vader's relatives

Many thanks to Dr. D for his marvelous gift, a full-scale Darth Vader helmet (if you follow the link, you can see Dr. D in the mask).

"Kevin: I am your father."

"You're my father?"

"No, Dad: I am your father!"

"No: I am my father!"

"No: I am your father!"

But as you might imagine in a family where everyone is a master of the dark side of the Force, we often come to blows:

I truly wish I could take this helmet back with me to Seoul. You have no idea how much fun I'd have at Smoo. My father is planning to come back to Korea in February, so perhaps he can be persuaded to bring the helmet with him. You never know.



Jason said...

Please, god, spare the hand that keeps Kevin company overseas....


Maven said...

Yanno, that caption, "I am my own father..." reminded me of an old Ray Stevens song, "I am my own grandpa."

Safe journey home!

Anonymous said...

I can do a pretty good Vader voice, but I sure wish I had that mask! Good luck for the return journey!