Thursday, December 08, 2005

Uncle Sam in a funk?

Now that I have access to TV, I've noticed two things right away:

1. I don't miss TV. It's still 99% shite.

2. There's a disturbing proliferation of depression-related commercials.

Is America depressed? Why? Because of Iraq? Because gas is so damn expensive? Because no one likes Bush? Because the Democrats can't seem to field any viable candidates? Because we're too fat? Because we have too much money?

What's going on, America? Are we just too bored with life?

One funny thing: A TV movie about John Paul II is on right now. It stars John Voight, who is, to say the least, an interesting choice for the role: a bit like asking Keith Richards to star in a biopic about Pat Boone.

Comments, please.



Maven said...

Well if you're going to comment on the depression meds, you should also comment upon the "ED" meds too. I love the message it sends to foreigners, that we're all depressed and wanna-be horny.

As an aside, on the radio tonight they were discussing the corelation between the foods we eat and predisposition to depression. A lot of depression-related funk can be traced back to problems with food, whether it be food allergies or vitamin deficiencies. I know for myself, one of my medications causes a depletion of the "B" complex, and causes me to be a bit "blue." Mood is improved, somewhat, by boosting my vitamin supplements.

Anonymous said...

It could just be this time of year... this is when the greatest number of folks are depressed.

Jelly said...

Maybe Americans WERE depressed because YOU were away, but surely now that you're back for a visit, everyone will cheer the fuck up, eh?

(Something's up HERE now, Koreans have seemed blue since last Sunday at around 2:30 in the afternoon or so. It's palpable)