Saturday, December 10, 2005

the sagging breastuses of Nature

Le soleil brille.

With the sunshine comes The Melt. Lots of drip-drip-dripping going on outside.

In another part of the blogosphere, Dr. Vallicella continues to hack away at core Buddhist arguments, especially the doctrine of no-self, which runs totally counter to his ontotheological personalism. See here for a recent post of his on the subject; the comments contain a short reply by me.


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Sperwer said...

Ah, you've been hiding your erudition under the fat and scatology. Your comments to Wild Bill Philosophie's errant stumbling about among the saguaro are very well done. I also admire your patience and compassion in trying to woo him away from the rube goldberg contraption he's got spinning at such speeds in his head. He just doesn't seem to get it, does he? He's managed to drop out, but he seems soemwhere to have forgotten the other ttwo elements of the new trinity of His (and my) generation: tune out and turn on.