Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kevin makes the Korean news

I might not have made it onto Korean TV, but my ugly mug did make it into a local Korean newspaper.

The article reveals my real last name-- in Korean, of course. Mom's in the middle (she saw the pic and worried that it looked as though she was giving someone the finger); the pic shows the moment she was giving certificates of appreciation to two of her associates*. Your emcee is in the back, offering his smile/grimace. I'm wearing my brother Sean's suit and my father's red tie, along with Dad's "Old Glory" tie pin.

*Based on the article's title, you might think the photo shows the moment Mom gave the scholarship check to the head of her society's scholarship fund, but no: that happened later in the evening. Perhaps another local paper has a photo of that moment.


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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the smile/grimace, how do you do that? How do you frown and make it look like you're smiling? That's quite an impressive feat.