Tuesday, December 06, 2005

nun-i on-da! (redux)

In a Kevin-centric world, we'd say: "The snow followed me here from Korea."

Hananim has seen fit to fling his mighty dandruff at us here in the States, and is simultaneously taking care of Korea, as I see from Joel's blog.

Driving's going to be a bit treacherous here. I imagine it's not going to be that safe in Korea, either, so take care, everyone.

Many thanks to all the folks who publicly and privately wished we a safe trip to the DC-Metro area. All is well, at least so far.

Had to visit the Korean consulate in DC today because I was sure I was in trouble: I never got myself a multiple reentry permit after receiving my most recent E-2 visa. The nice lady at the consulate took one look at my visa and said, "You don't need to get a separate permit. Your visa has a little 'M' on it, meaning 'multiple.'"

If it means saving myself $60-70, that's cool.

Dad and I enjoyed lunch at The Tombs on Georgetown University's campus today: chicken samosas, bacon bleu cheeseburgers, and The Tombs's lovely hot apple pie à la mode. A trip through the local Costco next to Pentagon City had me nearly weeping with delight as I stared at the vulgar excess: food by the ton, and the most amazing sight of all was the cheese, being sold for a reasonable price.

No Korean food cravings yet. I expect those to hit me at some point, though.

The parents have been experiencing trouble with their new Olympus digicam-- the one they'd brought with them during their October trip to Korea. This is why they hadn't sent me any photos to blog. We're going to try to resolve the problem soon, but I can't guarantee when-- or even if-- I'll have pics to show you. More on this later.

Looks like the week will be spent preparing for the Korean Women's Society Christmas party on December 11. I'm supposed to meet with Mom's officers this coming Saturday, which doesn't exactly leave me much time to figure out what I'll be doing as an emcee. But maybe it's better that way: overthinking a complicated event is the sure path to stressing yourself out and tripping over yourself during the event itself.

More later.


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When you start getting Korean food cravings, try making a sandwich with deli turkey, kimchi, sliced cheese, and lots of mayo. Trust me on this.