Wednesday, February 08, 2006

here's a paranoid thought

JOYOUS UPDATE: My mistake. Ignore the following post. The reason no pics were uploading is that I had been trying to upload the original, 600-dpi scans, which are huge files, especially in TIFF format. Once I clicked "browse" and found the correct directory, I was able to upload my made-for-Web, 72-dpi files with no problem.]

I appear to be unable to upload any more images to Photobucket, despite having signed on for their "unlimited capacity" subscription. Just a few seconds ago, I began to wonder whether this might have anything to do with the nature of the photos I've been uploading-- Photobucket does have a Terms of Service to which we're supposed to agree, and while I haven't been uploading porn, I have been leaning on the sacrilegious humor.

(Joshua at One Free Korea wrote that I am "a regular practitioner of more-or-less principled blasphemy.")

So-- did Photobucket deliberately scissor off my scrotes? I have to wonder. They'd notify you of a TOS violation, right? I'm able to sign on and see my album without difficulty; the images on the album are still being displayed on my blog, so it's not as though Photobucket's servers are down, and they haven't pulled the photos I'm currently displaying. What the hell's going on?

In any case, you get no new photos until I figure out alternative photo-posting methods. I might sell my soul to Flickr, but I wasn't impressed with their service when I tried it over a year ago. Opinions on good pic-uploading services are welcome.


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Sean said...

How much are you paying for that service? You could easily buy a domain name and paid hosting for less than $80 a year and possibly less than $50 but then you'd have to consider bandwidth issues.

Anyhow if you are interested and/or want some help contact me.