Saturday, February 11, 2006

postal scrotum: your Saturday shit story

I got this email from an anonymous Hairy Chasms reader. After reading the email, I knew I had to turn it over to you, the drooling public. The writer has my admiration and envy. Read on:

I've got quite a story for you. The other day I had a bowel movement that ended somewhat uncomfortably with some up my ass and some in the toilet water. It was all one piece, and was rather stringy. I had to use some tissue and pull it out. It took three times, and I had to grab it and pull hard; it was that stringy. My rectum didn't feel quite the same for a few hours afterwards. I don't think it was a worm; the stringy something appeared rather fibrous when I looked at it in the toilet bowl. The other day I ate quite a bit of cow meat with this elasticky stuff around the bone or marrow or whatever it is. Next time I'll be sure to stay away from that elasticky stuff!

I'm guessing that no beef tendon could possibly be that long. If it does come from beef, then my surmise is that this was muscle fascia, which is fascia-nating.

(Charles, you may groan in dismay.)


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