Thursday, February 09, 2006

Smells Like Golgotha: Chapter 20

UPDATE: This rocks. I just found that my paper on Ray Grigg's The Tao of Zen is listed over at The Dao House, a website that seems to serve as a clearinghouse for Taoism-related links. (Pinyin romanization dominates over there. I have mixed feelings about pinyin. While I do think qi is a cooler spelling than chi, I'm not a fan of Lao-tzu's becoming "Laozi," and Chuang-tzu's becoming "Zhuangzi." "Laozi" sounds too much like "lousy" in my head.)

The site's writeup says this:

In his BigHominid's Hairy Chasms blog, Kevin Kim discusses Grigg's contention that "Zen is basically Taoism with a superfluous Buddhist cortex." Note: scan down through the left column first, or you may find yourself repeatedly distracted.

NOTE TO PEOPLE IN KOREA: Some Korean Net cafes have blocked all GeoCities sites. I have no clue why. You might have to visit the site through a proxy if you're at a PC-bahng.


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