Thursday, February 02, 2006

the remains of my day

If you're interested in purchasing one of my works, I have the following left over from the bazaar:

1. the "bul shim" calligraphy (see earlier post)

2. the Dalma-do (see same post)

3. a "bear with fat ass" painting-- very simply rendered; basically the tracing of a bear's silhouette; you're behind the bear, and the bear's head is turned to the right, offering a profile view

4. a second Dalma-do I did, which my students titled "angry Dalma," though he doesn't look that angry to me

5. a second "bear with fat ass" picture, but in this one, the bear's head is turned to the left, and there's a tiny patch of grass with a little flower poking out of it

Email me if you're interested. I'll scan and display the remaining images soon.


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