Monday, February 27, 2006

TTLB Ecosystem is bullshit

Your moment of peevishness:

How can one be a "large mammal" in the TTLB Ecosystem when one's blog gets only 97 unique visits per day-- most of those hits being random Google searches? Ever since NZ Bear did his renovation, the Ecosystem's been fucked.

For those of us getting more than 97 hits: take heart. TTLB don't mean crap. For those "large mammals" with a puny number of hits: I hope you enjoy the false impression that you have a significant readership!

Damn you, NZ Bear and false mammals! Damn you all to hell!



Lorianne said...

Keep in mind that jackasses are (fairly) large mammals. Sometimes small is better.

--L, aka "an adorable little rodent"

Anonymous said...

I actually had to go look that up. I had no idea what TTLB was, or that they had an ecosystem. Is this like technorati?