Saturday, February 18, 2006

yeah! dem crazy muthafuckaz!

Dad and I took the subway from Sookdae-ipgu Station to Chongno 3-ga Station to do some shopping for my upcoming skit. Upon stepping into the car at Sookdae-ipgu Station, we found ourselves in the middle of some sort of drunken tableau. A short guy in his late twenties or early thirties was screaming obscenities and kicking at the subway walls and windows. His kicks weren't particularly good, but he was noisy, and the noise was enough to have driven most people away from him: he had about a ten-foot radius all to himself. The guy wasn't assaulting anybody, but he seemed passionate about kicking through one window in particular. I smiled and told Dad I'd seen stuff like this before, and that you don't do anything unless he attacks you or goes after a little old lady. Dad grinned and nodded; he's an easygoing fellow.

We had to transfer to Line 1 at the next stop, Seoul Station. Dad and I got off... and so did Shorty. As we walked by the window he'd been kicking, I got a good look at it. Pretty amazing, the amount of damage the window sustained: it was shot through with a tight network of cracks and was slightly dented outward.

Shorty, red-faced, marched ahead of us and disappeared into the Saturday crowd. Lucky guy: I doubt he'll suffer any consequences for his behavior, unless some enterprising person surreptitiously recorded his flailings on a cell phone camera.

Something for Dad to write emails home about, eh? Wish we'd taken a picture of the guy ourselves!


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