Friday, December 15, 2006

book progress

More progress on Water from a Skull-- check it out. We're getting down to the wire now, but the final editing and prep have picked up steam. I'll probably pull an all-nighter and keep right on going.

Lemme tell you: figuring out how to get footnotes to start over for each chapter was a pain in the ass. But the procedure is now seared indelibly into my memory, should I ever decide to publish a book like this again.

I decided on different dimensions for the book: 7.5" wide, 9.25" tall. This will make the book almost square-looking, but I thought that the previous dimensions (6.63"x10.25") were too tall and thin. The cover art must also be altered, but this isn't tragic: I can make the changes in mere minutes on my old, slow Mac.

OK... back to work.


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