Friday, December 01, 2006

on my way home

I thought my day was going to end at 10:00am, after I finished cooking that big-ass Amurrican breffus for my students. But fate had it in for me today, and one thing after another rose up to delay me, which is why I'm still in the damn office at 8:36pm.

First was proofreading-- a nine-page document chock full of errors and in need of major surgery. I spent a few hours on this before I had to meet up with a future coworker at 2:30pm (a very pleasant meeting), and then I was off at 4:00pm to help a buddy of mine who's being screwed over by our campus rental office (I don't think I was much help). After getting back from that, I still had more proofreading to do, and I finished that work only a few minutes ago.

So-- while I'd like to talk about the meals I cooked for my students yesterday and today, you'll have to wait, dear reader, until I've packed my stuff and slogged home.


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