Saturday, December 02, 2006

the race to the 15th

There it is: I've avoided saying it up to now, because I broke my promises this past summer, but the deadline for the arrival of Water from a Skull is December 15. I hope you'll order yourself a copy then. Check out the FAQ site here. Very soon, the FAQ site will feature a progress bar to give readers an indication of how things are going from day to day. It's been a bit frustrating, because in truth, the book is 90% done: I've got a huge manuscript. But that final 10% is a killer, because it's all about proofing, editing, rewriting, formatting, and working with CafePress to get the PDF and cover art properly set up.

Blogging will continue during this time, at roughly the normal pace. While I've got a ton of lesson planning to do, I think I can get away with leaving that aside until after the 15th. This book, then, will be my religion for the next two weeks.

(By the way, this is the Hairy Chasms's 3500th post.)


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