Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Progress on Water from a Skull! Check it out.

Today, Wednesday, is crucial. Most-- if not all-- of the manuscript needs to be finalized so that I can concentrate on the last few steps I need to take to get this book in publishing form. Some steps missing from the progress bar include:

1. making sure all footnotes are properly numbered

2. making sure pagination is correct, and that page numbers are invisible on blank pages

3. making sure all chapter headings are formatted consistently

I'm cutting rather mercilessly, too, eliminating some of the more repetitive material. The book probably won't weigh in at 400 pages; it'll be closer to 250, which is fine by me and a plus for the customer: I won't be charging as much.

Because of certain formatting and compatibility issues, I'll be submitting my completed manuscript to CafePress's help staff; this will occur on Friday evening, Seoul time, when I'll have done as much as I can from my end. Assuming CP's customer service is reasonably quick, my book should be ready to go by Saturday morning or afternoon. If CP is slow... I'm going to guess Monday. Let's hope not: I'd like my American buyers to be able to order in time for Christmas.


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