Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006: a year in review


I kinda like how I rang in the new year.

Breed, damn you! Breed! A long response to Mark Steyn's essay on the decline of the West.

Nigella mousse and fondue (more mousse here).

Charles and I eat a baby.

Muhammad cartoons: can one depict Muhammad?


Awesome winter semester (blow-by-blow here).

Dad's visit.


Restaurant review: Puccini and Carne Station.

Joel's peanut brittle.

Cold hike up Bukhansan, followed by 90 minutes' meditation.

One of my favorite 100 Belows.

My buddy Tom appears on Leno.


Britney in carbonite!

What is theology?

What is environmentalism?

VERY BAD NEWS: my father's heart attack.

Out with students.

Koreans and public suicide.

My take on Kushibo's arrogance at the Marmot's Hole, especially re: Shelton-bashing.

Venting about the Yangpa.

My take on the Bee Man.

My tribute to Dolly Parton.

Shit story.

The renegade Cordon Bleu chef.

Philosophy as science's handmaiden?

Shawn Matthews's suicide-- the post that pissed off some of my readers.


Burgers and shortcake at Charles's place.

Book review: The View from Mars Hill.

Seeing my buddy John for the first time in ten years!

My Superman tribute.


Three hours well spent.

The Jungle Womb.

Taking more crap about Shawn Matthews's suicide.

My goofy brush art.

Some folks seemed to like my take on Mel Gibson.


A translation of a Denis Jeambar video editorial. I admire the guy. Too bad he's no longer with L'Express.

War llama.

"Rocky Balboa" pictorial tribute.

Ethics and my students.

Separated at birth? Brendon Carr and Data.

The multiculturalist façade begins to crack.

The Fish Head's Progress and Other Tales.

Photos from a French resto.

Foodblog: Konglish ravioli.

One of my favorite 100 Belows.

As we remember Saddam Hussein, it's good to look back on his treatment in prison.

Birthday blog post.


My Jeonuchi tribute. GMJ responded by not meeting me.

The yin and yang of my ass.

Konglish newswire.

Prank call.

Tee shirt design.

Mug design.

Birthday message to my goddaughter (audio).

A startling image of fan death.

The death of a family friend.

Muslim rage... reworked.

Art and the turd.


A school-related rant.

My buddy becomes a dad.

Me on North Korea.

Buseok-sa photos.

More photos from that trip.

Poem: A Day in the Life of Kim Jong Il.

Saddam Hussein's final thought.

My long spiel about the series "Battlestar Galactica." I'd change some of it now, knowing what I know about the Cylons and so on. More here.


I like the Photoshop job I did on Jabba here.

November 5: me on Saddam's verdict.

The cheese lecture.

An afterlife musing.

Korean drama envy?

The uncomfortable implications of belief.

My review of "Jesus Camp."

Insulting Jelly's cat one... more... time.


Photos from an end-of-term party.

Destination: Le Cordon Bleu!


Another shit story.

Kick-ass tacos and eggnog.

I should also note that this has been quite the year for deaths-- accidents, suicides, deaths by natural causes, you name it. Not just the deaths of famous people, but of people I know and people I know of through degrees of separation in the Koreablogosphere-- Skippy's father, Gord's father, Iceberg's student and his friend, Shawn Matthews, an old high school classmate of mine, a Korean friend of our family (Mr. Kim), my Uncle Ed, and others still. A moment of silence for the departed, then, as we move into 2007.


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