Sunday, December 03, 2006

eatin' Korean-like

In an attempt to save more money, I'm going to try to eat a lot more cheap, healthy Korean food than I normally do. My usual diet, while working, revolves around delivery from places like Kim Ga Nae Kimbap, or Gukbin Chinese Food, or Kobako Japanese Restaurant. Meals from these places, especially Kim Ga Nae, are borderline nutritious but not particularly healthy. During November, I hit Outback Steakhouse with a friend about five or six times, which is way above my normal, once-per-month frequency. Those Outback visits took a toll on my wallet, as did that egregiously expensive Thanksgiving dinner. November wasn't a financially kind month, and I have no one to blame but me.

So-- Korean food it is. I just bought W70,000 worth of panchan, rice, tuna, seaweed, and other goodies. I'm expecting it all to last about ten days. That's W7000 per day, or roughly W2300 per meal, assuming three meals. I'll be doing some serious cooking this month as I visit some friends, but overall, December expenditures will devoted to Christmas cards and gifts. Gotta economize.


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