Thursday, December 14, 2006

théâtre périlleux

Koreablogs, for all their popularity, make almost no impact on the South Korean public consciousness.

Amateur theater, on the other hand, will land you in the local police station, where you'll be accused of possessing/selling drugs and told that you need the government's permission to express yourself. Theater might just be a hobby for some, but the government wants you to know that it's a dangerous hobby and needs to be regulated.

Big props to Jelly for alerting me to this. Makes you wonder what the government might do if bloggers stepped out of line-- oh, wait: they've already gone after us.

I suppose that a blogger who truly wants the Korean public's attention could start doing a series of audioblogs in Korean. At a guess, the reaction to those audioblogs would be swift and sure. Be sure to have mirror sites and a sympathetic underground already in place so that the government has no choice but to play whack-a-mole.


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