Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ave, Malcolm!

A hapjang in Malcolm's direction for leading me to one of the most beautiful opening paragraphs I have ever read:

Revolution has always had some ostensible end by which its means have been thought justified; and yet, whilst there has never been a revolution that has had for its express purpose the causing of wrack and slaughter, or the causing of a state of society worse than had existed before, such is how it tends to turn out. One might say this is tragically and foolishly accidental, and for the most part, that is how it is; for men are wont to suspend their faculties of sense and sell off their funds of experience for the promise of something great or noble but hitherto unattained.

The above is from a goddamn blog post. I'm not even going to try to emulate such eloquence. The full post is here.


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