Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ave, Nathan!

I appreciate Nathan's kind post. A red-letter day,* too: this may the first time that Nathan has ever actually linked to my blog in one of his posts (please correct me, Nathan, if I missed a previous link). Nathan's a great photographer, and his post, consistent with the tone of my own blogging, incorporates some Buddhism, some ugly fish (food? object of ridicule?), and a urinal with ice in it. Nathan asks why Korean urinals so often have ice in them. Truth be told, I've never noticed this before. All it takes is a single shower of warm piss to destroy an ice cube gathering; for all I know, I've slaughtered thousands of ice cubes without once noticing what I had been doing.

Anyway-- humble thanks, man.

*Why do we say "red-letter" and not "red-number"? Isn't it usually the number that's red?


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