Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gyro: the great experiment

I promised my Greco-Roman mythology class that we would try to end "on a happy note," and that I would make gyros for them. I wish I had a working camera to document the current process, which started at 4:15pm today when I left school early to head over to Hannam Supermarket to buy the requisite supplies.

Making gyros at home, without a rotisserie or an oven, means finding clever alternatives to the standard recipes online. I can't say that the solutions I've come up with are all that clever (and I'm not sure my tzatziki sauce has turned out all that well), but I'm forging ahead.

One thing I did have to do, alas, was buy a food processor. I've got my buddy Max's blender, but I don't think I should gum it up with chunks of lamb meat. It's not wise to press your luck when it comes to electric appliances (just ask the fuckhead who put detergent in our dorm's clothes dryer).

Perhaps an enterprising student will take pictures of the horrifying results tomorrow. If so, I'll blog them for you later.

By the way, I've heard the term "gyro" pronounced "jy-roh," "yee-roh," and even something like "hero." What's your preferred pronunciation?

Trivia: the original Greek term was, according to the great Wikipedia, "guros" (γύρος, "turning").


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